Latest Coffee Gadgets 2021

If you are anything like me you love hearing about a new coffee gadget. You might find this useful if you happen to be looking for a new coffee gadget for yourself or for a gift. They are just things I have spotted out there in the coffee world that I think other coffee geeks might be interested in.

 This stove top espresso maker by looks very sleek and looks like it would be a joy to use. Made in Cambridge they did showcase it at the Coffee Festival in 2019, but I must have missed it then. they are taking orders and delivery is for Feb 21. Cost £295. I think it would be great for camper van life, or small spaces like boats, or tiny homes. It has been designed by William Playford who studied Jet engineering but had a passion for great coffee so combined the two together.

More to come....





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I am Yasmin, I have spent over 10,000 hours immersed in the coffee world. I have trained with some of the top World Barista Champions. I like watching competitions and slurping at coffee cupping's. I have used some seriously expensive coffee gadgets through my coffee years. I managed a cafe in London. Currently I am a mum to a very active toddler, and my barista world is now at home or Insta. My morning coffee is my saving grace for the day. I see it as part of my essential self care routine, making it with joy and passion.

Hope you enjoy your coffee journey.

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