Filter Coffee - Single Origin - Tanzania Yetu Tamu (Peaberry)

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This coffee comes from the Uru Cooperative Society and Tujitume Cooperative (AMCOS), it is exported by Mambo Cooperative Union under the name Yetu Tamu, translated as ‘Our coffee is sweet’. Mambo were founded in 2011 when Athanasio Massenha saw a growth in the price of speciality coffee being sold but not passed back to the farmers and wanted to change this so that the farmers received more.

You may notice the 'Peaberry' is smaller in size and has a distinctive pea shape. The coffee cherry normally has two cherries but with a Peaberry only one seed develops.

The Yetu Tamu is a joy to roast. It produces such a beautiful uniformity in the appearance, while offering a super juicy and fruity tasting coffee. 

Tasting Notes: Mango +Cherry + Bubblegum

Varietal: Bourbon, Kent
Process: Washed